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For your child’s comfort and well-being: the FIX I/V®


Having a sick child is one of a parent’s greatest worries. Being so fragile and small, with one or several limbs immobilized… it’s heartbreaking. With the FIX I/V neonatal and pediatric splint, your child will be more comfortable and less vulnerable to the trauma caused by frequent catheter reinsertions.

The FIX I/V® splints are ultra-light and easy to insert. They are built using hypoallergenic and eco-friendly plastic materials. They are single-use and antimicrobial, which reduces the risk of infections. Also, the inner lining is comfortable and latex-free.

We offer two models of splints: one for the elbow and one for the hand.

A splint that’s more effective and easier to apply

The FIX I/V neonatal and pediatric splint makes nurses’ lives easier in Quebec, and soon in the rest of Canada and the United States. Designed by nurses, this product is simple to apply and saves time so you can move on to other important things.

FIX I/V® splints are a smart, cost-effective choice

There are many types of splints on the market. However, most hospital centres make their own splints. Different materials are used: tongue depressors, gauze rolls, metal finger supports, wood, plastic or malleable metal pieces. The splints are then covered in rolls of gauze. These splints are used for hands, feet, and elbows.



Do you know if Sainte-Justine is going to get some? I work in hematology-oncology there and that would be wonderful! Congrats on the initiative!

Élizabeth Picard • Parent

OMG. It would have been so much better if Sofia could have had that instead of a huge thing larger than her arm. Great invention. It’s already not easy for us to see our babies in the hospital, and when you see the baby’s arm with a big cumbersome, super uncomfortable contraption… It’s a great idea!

Camille Bouchard • Nurse

Let’s not mince words… the gauze bandages they throw together in the emergency room before going up to the ped floor, that’s a big NO! But this is revolutionary!


Wow! I wish they would have had that when my son had his surgery in Roberval last November. It would have been much easier for him when he woke up!

Janie Pelland • Nurse

Wow! Well done, this is much better than the boards that shift around and always come apart… I hope a lot of hospitals use them.


It would have been great if my city had that for the birth. A marvellous invention! Bravo, ladies!


Bravo, ladies! You met your need, and now it will help other nurses. It will be better for everyone!


It’s truly a revolution ? It’s not a luxury, it improves our children’s quality of life. The colorful side makes the splint more attractive ? and joyful! I hope all hospitals will have these in stock!

Christine Ménard • Nurse

And now, if only these could be made for adults and seniors! How marvelous!


FIX I/V is in Baie-Comeau. The ladies have loved it so far. I’m proud that it comes from near us. You’ll spread the word!! Great job!!


Super splint!! It held up well. Very active since last night. I was really worried it would come off, but no… Super product!

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