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Behind the project, we are three nurses (Suzanne Bélisle, Dominique Ruel and Louise Tremblay) with substantial experience in the health sector. Working in obstetrics, neonatology and emergency services, we observed that the splints used for children were put together with whatever was on hand.

This meant the application took extra time, and the result was far from optimal. Trauma often resulted from the catheters, and children had trouble with their movements. They were uncomfortable, and worse still, several insertions were required, which meant more pain and trauma every time.


That’s why we designed FIX I/V®.

FIX I/V® splints are made in Canada

FIX I/V® splints are made in Canada

It is with the perspective of ensuring the quality of our products, facilitating collaboration with our partner and favoring the local economy, that since the beginning of marketing our project, we wanted to make the FIX I/V® splints in Canada, knowing that our...

Are FIX I/V® splints reusable?

Are FIX I/V® splints reusable?

NO. FIX I/V® splints are for single use only. Several good reasons, including the prevention of infections, justified this choice during the design of the product. It is also inadvisable to attempt to sterilize the FIX I/V® splints after use since the plastic they are...

Are FIX I/V® splints recyclable?

Are FIX I/V® splints recyclable?

YES. When we decided to develop a new splint that would respond to a need we had identified over many years, for both health care professionals and for young patients with their parents, we came to the conclusion that 100 % recyclable plastic would be the ideal...

A neonatal and pediatric splint designed here

When Suzanne Bélisle came up with the FIX I/V® concept, we wanted to make sure it was created using high-quality materials. That’s why we have chosen to work with the Beauce-based company Perreault Plastix. The first tests were conducted at the Chibougamau health centre before the splint was made available to the full network.

We firmly believe that FIX I/V® can have a significant impact on the lives of babies and children, while lowering costs in the hospital system. If we calculate the time spent putting together splints on-site (which is what happens in most hospitals) and the time spent re-inserting catheters, this adds up to many hours that could be put towards other tasks.

To learn more about our project, we invite you to watch this video presenting the FIX I/V®.

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